Dr Geoffrey P Webb (BSc MSc PHd SFHEA) is one of the UK’s leading experts on Nutrition. He has held a Senior Lecturer post at University of East London since 1975. He has been a visiting Professor of human nutrition at the University of North Florida, and a member of the editorial board of the British Journal of Nutrition.

His career began with a heavy focus on bench research in the fields of obesity and diabetes mainly using animal models of these conditions. In the latter part of his career Dr Geoff’s focus is on more creative endeavors such as researching and writing academic and popular texts.

He has four book titles to his credit: Nutrition: a Health Promotion Approach, Hodder-Arnold (1995, 2002, 2008 & 4th edition with a new title Nutrition: maintaining and improving health published 2012); The Nutrition of Older Adults (1996), Arnold; Teach Yourself Weight Control (1998 & 2003), Hodder & Stoughton; Dietary Supplements and Functional Foods, Wiley-Blackwell (2006 & 2011). Three of his books have been translated into Spanish and one into Polish. His most recent published articles were for The Newham Recorder with a monthly column about diet and health for the local newspaper.

This blog aims to offer a comprehensive understanding to anyone baffled by the amount of contradictory information about nutrition that currently floods the media. Dr Geoff will give advice based on sound science and his critical views on media hype. He won’t tell you how to quick-fix weight loss or how to be a size zero in no time at all – He’ll offer you a real voice of reason, and hopefully keep you motivated to stay as fit and healthy as possible just by knowing what you’re eating!

For the health professional he hopes to offer some interesting debate on current health topics. If you wish to get in contact with Dr Geoff either email: drgeoffnutrition@gmail.com where your email will be directed to his personal account or contact him directly via his UEL email.

Recently he presented a number of talks as guest speaker and contributor. If you wish for Dr Geoff to speak at your conference or university please contact him – he is always willing to voice his opinion about his subject.

About the Editor

Though the Dr Geoff articles are written by Dr Geoff himself, the blog is edited and maintained by Kate Webb, his daughter.

Having impressed upon him the importance of social media in ‘getting his voice heard’ I decided to embark on a quest to elevate my father’s online profile.


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