Did you know?

Did you know… that up until the mid 1970s, protein deficiency was regarded as the most important nutritional problem in the world and most children in developing countries were thought to be protein deficient to some extent.

Billions of pounds at today’s prices were spent by the United Nations, governments, commercial organisations and charities in trying to deal with this “protein crisis”. Even in affluent countries like this one, it was thought that care needed to be taken to ensure that diets contained adequate amounts of high quality protein, particularly the diets of groups believed to be at higher risk of protein deficiency like infants, children, pregnant women and vegetarians.

For this reason, high protein foods, especially foods of animal origin were seen to be very important in the diets of children and pregnant women. Even today it is regarded as a very positive feature of a food if it can claim to be high in protein and protein is still regarded by many people as a key nutrient.


Dr Geoff continues this topic tomorrow with a follow up article on changing attitudes of Protein!


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