TABLE: Salt Content

If you’re like the large majority of us who find it difficult to lower our salt intake, Dr Geoff has created a table to show the salt content of some portions of food. It shows us precisely why it’s so difficult to keep below 6g/day:

2 medium slices bread 1g
60g (2ounces) cheddar cheese 1.1g
60g Danish blue cheese 2.1g
4 fish fingers 0.9g
Portion cornflakes 0.7g
Portion all-bran 1g
90g (3 ounces) prawns 3.7g
1 gammon steak (120g/4 ounce) 6.5g
2 slices (60g) corned beef 1.5g
2 large sausages 1.5g
Packet of crisps 0.4g
Bowl of canned tomato soup 2.3g
Portion baked beans (200g) 2.4g
Sardines in tomato sauce (100g) 0.9g
Takeaway cheeseburger 2.2g
Lime pickle (15g) 0.2g
Takeaway vegetable curry 2g
Beef chow mein 5.5g


Check out Dr Geoff’s previous posts for the low down on salt..


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