Did you know?

Did you know… that throughout history salt has been highly prized and valued for its ability to flavour and to preserve food. Roman soldiers were partly paid in salt (their “salarium”) which is the origin of the English word salary and of the phrase “to be worth one’s salt”. Salt has also been used as a currency in China and parts of Africa.

In ancient England, the position of guests at a banquet in relation to the salt cellar was an indication of their rank; the host and distinguished guests were above the salt and the less distinguished guests sat below the salt. In many cultures, mystical or purifying properties have also been attributed to salt. The image of sumo wrestlers purifying the fighting area with handfuls of salt is familiar to many of us. In America salt was left in the room of a dead person to purge their sins and it was common for salt to be placed on bodies or in coffins in several parts of Britain.


Next post Dr Geoff will show you the salt content of some portions of food


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