Did you know?

Did you know… a typical man’s body contains over 250 grams of salt. That’s half a pound of salt you carry around with you each day!

Is all salt bad for you? There is no doubt that the components of salt (sodium and chloride) are essential nutrients. However, there are populations that manage to lead healthy lives (even in hot climates) despite consuming less than a twentieth of the amount of salt in the typical British diet which is around 10 grams per day.

Much attention and effort is put into trying to reduce the current intakes of salt in Britain and other industrialised countries. It is suggested that ideally we should cut our current salt intake by more than a third to less than 6 grams per day.


Dr Geoff will be covering the subject of salt over his next few posts. His next Did you know? post will give you a few facts about it’s history.


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